AOL Mail Server Settings for POP and IMAP

AOL Mail Server Settings – POP3/IMAP.

What are the AOL email settings for POP3 and IMAP?

As an AOL user, you can use either POP or IMAP to sync your AOL Mail on a 3rd-party app, like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Iphone Mail App, orthe Anroid Gmail.

About POP.

POP will download a copy of your emails from your AOL Mail account to the app. If you delete an email from your AOL Mail account after it was downloaded, the copy remains in the app. POP only downloads emails from the Inbox. You will need to move all folders to the Inbox to download all emails.

About IMAP.

IMAP continually syncs your chosen app and your AOL Mail account so that the information is identical. Everything you do with messages or folders in your AOL Mail account, or in your chosen app, will then also occur in your AOL Mail account or in the app.

AOL Mail POP and IMAP Server Settings.

This is how you sync AOL Mail with a 3rd-party app to send and receive emails in the app or to download a copy of all your emails.

Go to Account Settings. Most email apps and email software have an “Account Settings” menu, where you can update the IMAP or POP3 settings. In newer Outlook version, go to File, then “Add account”.

Enter your full email address (such as:, and make sure that SSL encryption is enabled for incoming as well as outgoing mail.

These are the AOL Mail Server Settings, that you need to enter:

 ProtocolServer SettingsPort Settings
POP 3 Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
IMAP Incoming mail server (IMAP):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Example for For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010. Note, that his example is for older versions of Outlook:

 aol mail server settings for imap pop in Outlook

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