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AOL Mail Login – AOL Mail Sign In.

How do I log in to my AOL Mail account?
Where is the new, official AOL Mail login site?
Where can I download the AOL Mail app?

AOL Mail has had a variety of official login pages in their 25 year life time of AOL Inc (American Online), and customers will be forgiven if they are confused about which site is now the official website of AOL Mail.

However, the answer is easy, as all older login pages now point to the same login page: Login.

The login page now re-directs all online visitors to the official sign in page at: Login.

The oft-used login page at also now points to the new official login page at:

You can still type in in your URL address bar, and there is no need to change your bookmarked page froma, as the re-direction is automatic. login - AOL Mail Login
Visit and enter your email address or User Name, then click on “Next” to continue to the password page. Mail Login.

You can of course also visit the AOL Homepage at, and then click on “Mail” on the left hand sidebar.

The page will take you to

AIM was the intant messenger program part of America Online. AIM stands forĀ  AOL Instant Messenger. In June 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications, and Verizon discontinued AIM on December 15, 2017.

The and login pages now re-directs visitors to and respectively.

AOL Mail App.

You can also sign in to AOL Mail via the AOL App. Simply search the Google Play store or the Apple App Store for AOL. download the app, and open it.

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